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Vision and Strategy


Vinafruit is helping the Vietnamese fruit industry to integrate into the world is agricultural market by promoting its organic strengths of favorable climate and soil conditions and a robust agricultural tradition in the country.  As an ambassador for the industry, Vinafruit represents the Vietnamese fruit industry to foreign buyers and coordinates technology transfer opportunities with international industry experts.

Vinafruit recognizes that consumer demands are increasingly more sophisticated and is dedicated to helping the Vietnamese fruit industry successfully meet these demands.
Vinafruit has developed a strategy to enhance the international competitiveness of the Vietnamese fruit industry by improving quality, reducing costs, and accelerating the development of high-value products and organic fruit. In order to achieve these goals, Vinafruit is implementing some strategic action
initiatives in the areas of industry cooperation, branding, training, seed intellectual property protection, organic fruit development strategy, specialization
of cooperatives and post-harvest technology enhancement.These initiatives are grouped into short-term, medium-term and long-term.  Vinafruit has
requested support from the government, the proactive cooperation of association members, and assistance from international organizations and corporations to implement these initiatives successfully.