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Vietnam International Food Conference and Exhibition (VIFCE)28/07/2010

Vietnam International Food Conference and Exhibition (VIFCE)

Warmest greeting from , Vietnam International Food Conference and Exhibition  (VIFCE) with the theme “Food Science and Technology – Key to Vietnam’s Food Safety and Security”,  this coming November 15 – 17, 2010 at the National Convention Center in the City of Hanoi.

I am writing this email in order to thank you very much for our successful meeting last month. I am sorry for taking a long time to re-connect with you because the topics have been analyzed among us. Finally, based on your comments, we would like to propose these listed topics for the said conference:

1. Food analysis

–        Food microbiology

–        Food chemistry, toxicology

–        Physical and Sensory

2. Food safety management

–        Food safety management: law, food inspector; building harmonious standards

–        Food measurement management system model

–        Risk analysis

–        Food, Nutrition, regimen and health impact

–        Security

3. Food technology

–        Food engineering, new technology in food processing and measuring.

–        GMO

–        Measuring, processing food equipment

 Break-up Sessions

1.      Global Food Trends

2.      Packaging

3.      Certifications and Standards

4.      US Market

5.      EU Market

6.      Japan Market

7.      China Market

8.      Supply and Value Chain Management

9.      Vietnam ’s Food Policies

 The activity aims to achieve the following objectives:


Position Vietnam as a source of high quality food products and services.


1.      Orient local and international producers and traders as regards Vietnam ’s policies and development strategies.

2.      Create a venue or a Knowledge Management Center where countries, especially in Asia , can share experiences, network and collaborate and develop and strengthen bilateral and multilateral relations as regards food development and sustainability.  

 As one of the major Organizations focusing on Food, Health and Security, we believe that the goal of our conference and exhibition is in line with your objectives. As such, we would like to seek your assistance in making this activity a success, not just as a venue where quality food products and services can be seen but as a knowledge-platform for those in the industry can exchange and discover new technologies and product innovations. It will be very high appreciated if you could help us recommend your presentation and speakers for the final topics below.

For your reference, we would like to resend the general information the conference as file enclosed.

We hope that our proposed topics merit your consideration. Should you have another proposed topics for us, please contact Ms. Phuong Thao, Project Assistance in charge of the Conference at telephone numbers 0977 966 998 or email thao.ndp@veas.com.vn.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you very much and Best regards,

Nguyen Dang Phuong Thao (Lucy)

Project Assistant


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